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We provide professional wasp nest removal services throughout Sussex. We are a local business, large enough to provide an efficient and professional service, but small enough to be competitively priced and ensure our customer service is friendly and caring.

Prices for wasp control start from £75 and all treatments are guaranteed. If your wasp problem persists we’ll come back for free!

Why use Sussex Wasp Nest Removal?

  • Fixed Price of £75
  • Same Day Service
  • Discounts on Multiple Nests
  • Domestic & Commercial
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Wasp Nest Removal in Sussex

Sussex wasp control use a chemical called Ficam D to treat both hornet and wasp nests. This substance is only available to trained professionals. We usually administer the powder to the entrance to the wasp nest. If we can apply directly into a nest then we will, but they are often difficult to access and the method of spraying at the entry point is just as effective.

Ficam D can cause the wasp nest to become very active for a few hours after treatment whilst the powder takes effect. Wasps are normally dead by the next morning but if your nest still shows signs of activity after 72 hours then we will return to give it a second treatment absolutely free.

Signs of Wasps

  • Wasps in the loft
  • Scratching noise between the wall
  • Activity around a small entrance point

Wasps, Hornets & Bees

  • Bees are NOT protected in the UK
  • Only female wasps can sting
  • A nest can contain 15,000 + wasps

Happy Customers

We had three wasps nests removed from the attic on our property. Fast and professional service. (Mrs Lyle – Sussex)
Angry hornets were causing us issues during the evening so we needed them sorted asap. Very happy with DCM. (Mrs Webber – West Sussex)