Horsham Wasp Nest Removal £59.00

We provide Wasp nest removal in Horsham using specialist equipment which allows us to quickly eradicate these annoying pests.

Wasps become active between June and October building nests in sheds, lofts, gardens and any other suitable location. Each nest starts with just a single queen but will quickly become a large colony holding over 10,000 wasps.

If disturbed the wasps let off a pheromone alerting the rest of the nest to the danger. This will results in hundreds of angry wasps stinging their victim.

Don’t be a victim this summer – Call the Horsham wasp nest removal team today!

Affordable Wasp Control £59.00

  • Fixed Price of £59
  • Same Day Service
  • Discounts on Multiple Nests
  • Domestic & Commercial
Horsham wasp nest removal

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wasp nest removal horsham

Horsham Wasp Control Guarantee Quick Results!

Our Horsham wasp nest removal treatments are backed up by our treatments guarantee!

If in the unlikely event the nest has not been destroyed with 48 hours our insect control technician will return to your property free of charge.

Controlling any wasp infestation in dangerous but our highly skilled team have all the essential poisons to ensure the nest is removed quickly and safely.

How we get rid of wasps

  • Locate the insects nest
  • Treat with a specialist insecticide
  • After 2 Hours – No more wasps
  • All insect treatments are 100% guaranteed

Horsham Insect Control

  • A wasp colony will be home to over 10,000 wasps
  • A nest is only used for a single season
  • When in danger wasps will attack in large numbers

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