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We provide professional squirrel control services throughout Sussex. We are a local business, large enough to provide an efficient and professional service, but small enough to be competitively priced and ensure our customer service is friendly and caring.

We charge a guaranteed price of £225 for Squirrel Control which typically takes 3 – 4 visits from our trained technician. If takes less visits then you’ll pay less.

Squirrel Removal?

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  • Guaranteed results
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squirrel removal in Sussex

Squirrels gnaw on wires and pipes regularly to keep their teeth down. Don’t put yourself at risk and call the experts today!

Watch This Squirrel Climb A House!


This common British pest likes to take refuge in your warm, safe attic space. They enter through holes in your soffits and fascia boards, and are quite happy chewing on your wooden beams, electrical wiring and lead flashing in order to file their teeth. They will nest in the insulation and are very tricky to get rid of once they have made themselves at home.

Squirrels will eat your bird food, steal fruit and destroy your plants by digging up bulbs and stripping bark. They also take birds’ eggs and young, which is causing a problem with our wild bird population. Once they start breeding the problem can escalate very rapidly so professional pest control is always recommended.

Signs of Squirrels

  • Droppings & Urine
  • Gnawing marks
  • Noises at night in wall cavity or loft
  • Rat burrows are often found in the garden and under sheds.

Grey Squirrels

  • Squirrels gain access to your loft in search of  a warm home for the winter
  • Normally it’s only a single squirrel in your loft
  • We catch them using specialist traps

Happy Customers

We were kept awake all night from a squirrel in the loft. We called and a visit was made then next morning. 2 days later the culprit was removed. (Nicky – Sussex)
A squirrel decided to set up home in our loft causeing damage to the wires. The pest technician was very helpful and fixed the issue promptly. (Mrs Duggan – West Sussex)