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We provide professional rat control services throughout Sussex. We are a local business, large enough to provide an efficient and professional service, but small enough to be competitively priced and ensure our customer service is friendly and caring.

We charge £225 for Rat Control and this includes up to 4 visits to completely resolve your infestation.

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Rats gnaw on wires and pipes regularly to keep their teeth down. Don’t put yourself at risk and call the experts today!

Sussex Rat Control

At DCM Pest Control, we use two methods of catching rats. The more common method is baiting. We use bromadiolone and brodifacoum based poisons which act as an anticoagulant. Rats are what we call ‘neophobic’, which means they are weary of new objects.

For this reason it will take up to a week for the pests to feed on the bait. Rats will need to feed on the poison several times before consuming a lethal dose. This method is chosen as it ensures the rats do not become suspicious of the bait and so the entire colony of rats can be dispatched.

We also use mk 4 fenn traps in tunnels and snap break back traps when necessary.

Signs of Rats

  • Droppings & Urine
  • Gnawing marks
  • Noises at night in wall cavity or loft
  • Rat burrows are often found in the garden and under sheds.

The Brown Rat (Common Rat)

  • Rats have between 3-6 litters per year
  • Each litter contains between 8-10 rats
  • Rats have ‘neophobia’ which means they have a fear of any new objects including traps and bait.

Happy Customers

Very pleased with the service from start to finish. Cassie was very helpful on the phone and set my mind at ease! (Mr Wright – Sussex)
We called DCM after finding rat droppings in the loft. The guy came and resolved the problem as promised. Very reasonable price too! (Mrs Hails – West Sussex)