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Whether you’re a home owner with a garden or a farmer whose fields are being gradually decimated, you will want to deal with a rabbit population in the most effective and efficient manner.

Here at DCM Pest Control, we can help any home and any commercial venture to get rid of rabbit problems fast. We offer a variety of methods, one of which will be perfect for your needs.


Rabbit Pest Control

Rabbits can cause a great deal of damage in no time at all, and because of this their presence needs to be controlled from the start.

Our experienced, knowledgeable specialists can help to control your local rabbit population using a variety of traditional and contemporary methods.

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Shooting is an effective way to bring rabbit numbers under control in a short space of time, and is often the preferred method for farms, golf courses, airfields and military installations. When you need to get rid of rabbits in a speedy and humane way, this option is accurate, controllable and it produces impressive results; it can also be carried out in a discreet manner.

Getting rid of rabbits can be a tricky process, but if you’re using traps in targeted locations you will soon be achieving successes. Traps are humane, discreet and highly effective, and of course they can be moved from place to place as and when required. Some traps allow for the rabbits to be removed alive while others which kill instantly can also be used.

Drop boxes are designed to trap rabbits in specially made boxes which are buried close to the entrance to rabbit burrows. The unsuspecting rabbit runs through a tunnel before falling into the box which they then cannot escape from. These drop boxes enable pest controllers to remove the live rabbits at regular intervals and to ensure they don’t return to the burrow in the future.

Ferrets have been used in hunting for centuries, and they remain an effective option for anyone who needs to get rid of rabbits. They are placed in burrows to chase out the resident rabbits, which are then trapped or killed as they make their exit. Ferrets are an excellent option for farms and open spaces which often play host to particularly large and complex burrows.

Using this method can be highly effective, because the fast-acting gas can reach deep into even the most inaccessible burrows. Chemicals such as Phostoxin and Talunex are used, and it’s possible to eradicate a sizable number of rabbits in a relatively short space of time. Our experts take care to ensure all entrances to the burrow are treated, and that the local fox and badger populations are not affected.

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Specialist Rabbit Control & Proofing Throughout Sussex

One of the most effective ways to control rabbits in Sussex is to install a series of fences in a bid to keep the creatures out altogether. Fencing options vary, of course, but it should be noted that if the fencing is too short or isn’t buried deeply enough into the ground it could prove ineffective. Expert advice and installation from DCM Pest Control is a must.

Farmers and landowners across Sussex are all too aware of the voracious nature of rabbits, and of how these creatures can cause untold damage to vegetation. It’s estimated that rabbits cost the British agricultural sector more than £100m every year, so it’s important remove rabbits as and when necessary. The vegetation they consume will also affect food sources for other animals.

Rabbits can create large, extensive burrows, especially on farms, golf courses, public parks and airfields, and most burrows contain a number of entrances. The damage to the local landscape can be extensive, and will often be costly to maintain and repair. Once the rabbits have been disposed of, the burrows should be rendered unusable for future populations.

Rabbits display a great deal of determination in their attempts to find food sources, and in many cases they won’t let certain types of fencing get in their way. They can gnaw their way through wooden fencing in no time at all, and once they have done that they, and many other creatures, will be able to gain access to gardens and other areas in which they are not wanted.

The damage caused by rabbits to sporting venues can be fast, extensive and extremely costly. For example, golf course greens which have been lovingly tended for many years can be ruined in a matter of hours. Cricket pitches can become dangerously bumpy, while football and rugby pitches can be ruined. In addition, bowls, hockey, croquet and tennis can all be affected by a rabbit infestation.

Underground warrens can be large and expansive, and in many cases they will make the ground above it very unstable. Collapsed burrows lead to large holes which are dangerous to humans, livestock and vehicles. Farmers often have to pay large sums of money to repair damaged limbs on their horses, cattle and sheep. Regular rabbit control in Sussex is a financial necessity for many commercial ventures.

Rabbits in the wild can carry a number of diseases, some of which can be harmful to other forms of wildlife and to humans. They include rabbit viral haemorrhagic disease (RVHD), myxomatosis and tularemia. Getting rid of rabbits, especially those which may be infected, is an absolute must for the agricultural industry.

Controlling the number of wild rabbits is a legal requirement for landowners in England, as defined in the Pests Act of 1954. If you have a population which is on the increase, you need to be taking steps to deal with it at the earliest possible opportunity. Here at DCM Pest Control, we have been controlling rabbits in Sussex for a number of years, and we will be happy to discuss the options that you have available.


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