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We all know how upsetting it can be to have a pest control problem, but our experts can take away the stress in no time. We are DCM Pest Control, and we have been helping home and business owners to get rid of pests in Worthing and the surrounding area for a number of years.

Whether you’re dealing with an occasional incursion of an individual fox or you’re suffering from an infestation of cockroaches, we can help. We offer top of the range trapping, culling and proofing services via both one-off visits and annual contracts, so be sure to get in touch with our specialists today.

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Has A Pest Invaded Your Home?

Wasp Nest Removal

wasp nest removal worthing

Our wasp nest removal in Worthing is fast and extremely effective, so be sure to call our experts in as soon as you become aware of the presence of a nest. When these insects feel threatened, they can attack in large numbers, so it’s best to leave the removal to professionals who have been specially trained.

We can help you to get rid of wasps in Worthing in no time, and we do so with the help of strong, fast-acting chemicals. As well as nest removal, we will also survey the vicinity to see if there are other nests nearby. Wasps can inflict a nasty sting, of course, and anyone who has an allergy to the sting could be in serious danger.

Fox Control

controlling fox populations

Over the years, foxes have adapted well to life in towns and cities, so these days they can represent a major problem in both rural and urban communities. In addition to tearing open rubbish bags and overturning waste bins, they are also quite capable of attacking and killing family pets as well as livestock on farms.

We offer speedy trapping and extermination services, designed to bring you the ultimate Worthing fox control. In some cases, we will recommend the installation of fox-proof fencing in a bid to keep these voracious pets away in the future. As always, our experts will be happy to provide advice and guidance in this matter.

Mole Catcher

our mole catcher in worthing

The most effective way to deal with the presence of moles in the garden or in a commercial location is to remove them altogether. Our highly experienced mole catcher will be able to track down and trap any nearby moles, preventing a great deal of damage to lawns and sporting pitches in the process.

It’s vital for both home and business owners to get rid of moles in Worthing at the earliest possible opportunity. These tough, hard-working creatures dig long tunnels on a daily basis, so swift, decisive action is a must. For your peace of mind, DCM Pest Control work on a no mole, no fee basis.

Rodent Control

rat in trap

Perhaps one of the most upsetting of all pests, rodents can cause a great deal of damage to the property in a very short space of time. Rats and mice can chew their way through everything from brickwork and wood to metal and even electrical wiring. They are unceasing when they are in search of food and water.

Getting rid of rodents in Worthing can be difficult, but not if you engage the services of our experienced and knowledgeable experts. Whether you have problems with field or house mice, or brown or black rats, we can help. As well as using strong rodenticides to remove them, we also give advice on proofing for a safer future.

Flea Control

flea infestation

An adult flea is only around 2mm in size, so it’s not always easy to know that you have an infestation in the home. They are parasitic, living on the blood of various animals, including family pets such as cats and dogs. They like to live on carpets and furniture, and are capable of jumping great heights when they need to.

Worthing Pest Control use strong insecticides to get rid of fleas quickly, so you know your current problem doesn’t need to be a long-lasting one. If you see your pets regularly scratching themselves, you may have a flea problem, so make sure you contact our experts at the earliest opportunity.

Rabbit Control

rabbit proofing

If you thought rabbits were little more than cuddly creatures which should be welcomed into the home, you need to think again. Wild rabbits devour huge amounts of vegetation in any given day, and this voracious appetite can be enough to decimate fields, parks and gardens in a matter of weeks.

They build large, complex burrows in a bid to avoid predators, and because of this they can often be difficult to catch. Here at DCM Pest Control, we use a combination of traditional techniques and cutting edge materials to flush them out, helping you to become rabbit-free in as fast a time as possible.



If you have to get rid of cockroaches in Worthing, you need to have recognised professionals in your corner. These unhygienic insects carry a range of dangerous diseases, and they can be notoriously difficult to deal with. They can become resistant to various chemicals, so specialist help from the start is a must.

As well as helping domestic customers on a regular basis, we also offer effective cockroach control in Worthing restaurants, hotels, hospitals and guesthouses. Whether you have seen a single cockroach in the kitchen or you’re suffering from a major infestation, our expertise can be crucial.

Bed Bugs


The presence of bed bugs in the home was once wrongly associated with poor hygiene, but these days we know that even the cleanest properties can play host to these insects. Unfortunately they feed on the blood of sleeping humans, and their bites can leave the victim with a series of unsightly red swellings.

Thanks to our in-depth understanding of the habitat and lifestyle of bed bugs, we are in the perfect position of help you get rid of them from the home or commercial premises. We use strong, fast-acting chemicals which will eradicate the bed bug problem, bringing you peace of mind in no time at all.

Bird Control

proofing against birds

Many people see the presence of birds near to the property as little more than a minor irritation, but this isn’t the case at all. When there is a build-up of bird faeces, there will be the potential for harm from a variety of worrying diseases, including listeria and E.coli. The acid in the guano can also damage buildings.

Needless to say, the faeces will look unsightly and can give off unpleasant smells as well. Rapid action is a must, and we can provide the very best bird control in Worthing to both domestic and commercial customers. As well as trapping and culling, we also offer spikes and netting to prevent further problems.

Cluster Flies

flies in the loft

Cluster flies, though looking unsightly and unnerving in the home, are not dangerous to humans. It should be noted, however, that their presence in numbers can attract a number of less pleasant predators. It’s important that we get rid of cluster flies in Worthing as soon as a problem occurs.

Strong insecticides will kill a colony of cluster flies in no time, so be sure to get in touch as soon as possible. Cluster flies tend to congregate in lofts and roof spaces in order to stay warm in autumn and to hibernate in winter. With our help, their presence can become a thing of the past in no time.

In order to truly get rid of unwanted pests from your home, you need the assistance of qualified, certified experts. Well-meaning amateurs can inadvertently make the situation worse, so be sure to only deal with people who have the knowledge and experience to get the job done properly.

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Problems with a pest?

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We have been offering effective and decisive pest control in Worthing to both domestic and commercial customers for many years. Our specialists are able to provide a speedy assessment of your needs, and can provide the materials, the techniques and the knowledge to achieve the best possible results.

Whether you have an issue with rabbits, cockroaches, moles, rodents or anything else, we can help you in your time of need. Pest control is something we all hope we never have to deal with, but when a situation arises you need the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are being helped by the very best.

As well as home owners, restaurant managers and hospital directors, we also offer annual contracts to those who maintain parks, public gardens and sporting venues. Our prices are competitive and our service is friendly and informative.

To find out more about what DCM Pest Control can do for you, just give us a call on 01273 256 002 today.

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Our Worthing pest control technicians always use the best equipment and pesticides for the job. We believe in a quality service and also provide support and aftercare as necessary. We use cameras on our rat, mice and squirrel control, ensuring we get to the bottom of your problem as quickly as possible and can help you stop unwanted visitors from returning to your home in the future.