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Are you having a problem with rodents, wasps, hornets or moles?

It’s easier than you might think to get rid of pests, especially if you have the experts on your side. Here at DCM Pest Control Uckfield, we have been providing top quality services to homes and businesses throughout the local area for many years, and we will always be on hand to help you in your hour of need.

If you have a pest problem, whether it’s caused by flies, foxes, fleas or anything else, you want fast, effective solutions. You need to become pest-free as efficiently as possible, and that’s why we should be your first point of call. We have the experience, the knowledge and the tenacity to make these issues a thing of the past.

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the removal of a wasp nest

Wasp Nest Removal £45

Home and business owners will often feel panicked when they realise there is a wasp nest in the vicinity, and that’s why we are happy to provide a rapid, reliable Uckfield wasp nest removal service. In many cases these potentially dangerous insects will set up home in trees, bushes, lofts, sheds and roof spaces.

The removal of a wasp nest, and the eradication of the thousands of inhabitants, is a specialised process that requires experience, knowledge and care. Leaving the job to the well-meaning amateur can prove to be a somewhat dangerous decision, so be sure to make a call to the experts at the earliest opportunity.

Uckfield pest and vermin control

Mole Catcher £90

While moles are unlikely to ever make their way into the home or business premises, they will do a great deal of damage outside if they are left to their own devices. The first sight of a molehill on the lawn can be an upsetting experience for the conscientious gardener, but if action isn’t taken quickly further problems can occur.

In the commercial world, moles have been known to create havoc on farms, golf courses, sporting pitches and municipal parks. We work on a no mole, no fee basis, so if you need the services of our Uckfield mole catcher you can enjoy peace of mind right from the start. Fast, effective results are only a phone call away.

uckfield flea removal

Flea Control

If you thought fleas were nothing more than a harmless nuisance that are only interested in cats and dogs, you need to think again. These tiny insects can serve as incubators for a number of serious diseases, so their presence needs to be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

While the first signs of a flea infestation may occur on the family pet, it can easily spread to furniture and carpeting. Here at DCM Pest Control, we can help you get rid of fleas in Uckfield with relative ease, thanks to a selection of ultra-strong chemical treatments which have been designed to act quickly and decisively.

uckfield bird control

Bird Control

When we think about birds as a pest, we perhaps tend to focus on the noise aspect. In truth, however, the unwanted racket is nothing compared to the potential health hazards that they represent. A build-up of bird faeces, known as guano, can carry a number of infectious diseases, including psittacosis and salmonella.

We provide results quickly and effectively, often culling birds in a bid to alleviate problems instantly. We are also able to supply and install a number of bird-proofing products, including spikes and netting. Preventing further problems is often just as important as removing the immediate threat.

removing a fox from under a shed

Fox Control

In some cases, fox behaviour can be more anti-social than dangerous, especially when their actions involve nothing more than the occasional upending of dustbins or the tearing of rubbish bags. Unfortunately, they can create more serious problems, especially perhaps in more rural areas.

Effective fox control in Uckfield can involve trapping or culling them in order to remove them entirely from the area. We also offer a range of fox-proofing options which will help to keep them away in the future as well. Action should be taken before foxes attack household pets and commercial livestock.

rabbit damage to garden


Rabbits are capable of causing devastation to large areas of land, thanks to a combination of being fast breeders and voracious eaters. If you have a colony of rabbits in the vicinity, the chances are your gardens, plants, vegetation and even trees will start to resemble something of a wasteland.

Trapping and even culling rabbits will produce immediate results, of course, but if you want to be protected from their influence in the future you should consider our rabbit-proof fencing service. Our experienced, knowledgeable specialists can help to ensure you no longer have to worry about rabbit control in Uckfield.

rodent infestation - rats & mice

Rat & Mice Control £180

Rats and mice will often try to gain access into properties in their quest for food, and if they find somewhere that suits their needs they can soon establish a base. If you notice a significant number of droppings in the home, accompanied perhaps by evidence of gnawing, the chances are you have a rodent problem.

We can help you to get rid of rodents in Uckfield in no time, thanks to a variety of effective strategies. Our experts will know where to look for the creatures, and will advise on poisons, traps and other potential solutions. It’s reassuring to know that specialist advice and guidance – and swift action – are easy to find.

removing a squirrel

Squirrel Removal £150

Lofts that are within 2-3 metres of tree branches are more likely to get a squirrel pest problem. Also those who make a food source such as bird seed readily available will find they are more likely to attract vermin, which squirrels are classed as. Rotten soffits and fascias are a common entry point for grey squirrels, although these pesky intruders can bite through roofing material, especially if they have been blocked out of the loft and are desperately trying to get back to their young inside. Equally, if you block a hole with the animal inside then they are likely to cause considerable damage trying to escape.

treating cockroaches


Cockroaches have always been a notoriously tough adversary, but we offer effective solutions to both home owners and members of the business community. Due to the fact that cockroaches can feed on just about anything, they are just as likely to make their home in a domestic kitchen as they are in that of a hotel or guesthouse.

Trapping individual cockroaches is one of the strategies that are used, although it may in some cases be better to use a widespread fogger or fumigator instead. As always, our experts are happy to advise on the best course of action, and the ideal methods of avoiding any further infestations in the future.

cluster fly treatment

Cluster Flies

The best way to get rid of cluster flies in Uckfield is by using high-strength chemicals which will eradicate them quickly and effortlessly. Cluster flies like to seek out a warm sanctuary in the autumn in order to hibernate safely, and because of this they will often be found in lofts and roof spaces where they can remain undisturbed.

Their presence in the home or business premises can be upsetting for owners, of course, but it’s important to remember that they are annoying but harmless. Unfortunately, they will often return year after year to the same property, but proofing against this is usually unfeasibly complex, and can prove to be expensive.

bed bugs on sheets

Bed Bugs

The presence of bed bugs can be rather upsetting of course for the home or business owner, but it’s important to remember that such creatures can easily be eradicated with the help of DCM Pest Control. It should be noted that it’s not always easy to be aware that you have a problem, due to the nocturnal habits of the insects.

During daylight hours, bed bugs will usually be secreted away, often behind loose wallpaper, in crevices on the bed-frame or in secluded corners of the mattress. At night, they can leave bite-marks and swellings on unsuspecting sleeping humans, but with our help you can get rid of bed bugs in Uckfield in no time.

Effective pest control in Uckfield and the surrounding area can mean anything from trapping the occasional mouse to proofing against a family of foxes, and that’s why you need specialised help from accredited experts. Whether you’re a domestic or commercial customer, you’ll be pleased to know that help is always at hand.

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DCM removal rats, mice, moles, wasps and squirrels quickly & humanely!

Every pest control company will be able to offer a range of solutions to your problems, but few can claim to be as tenacious, as dedicated or as results-oriented as we are. With DCM Pest Control, you know that you’re dealing with experienced, qualified and committed specialists.

We can help you to get rid of pests in Uckfield and elsewhere in no time at all, and, just as importantly, can provide reliable advice about avoiding future problems. Whether you’re dealing with foxes, rabbits, bed bugs or anything else, we can supply the answers and the guidance you need.

Uckfield Pest Control provide effective, affordable strategies to ensure you no longer have to put up with the stress that uninvited guests can bring. Whether you’re a concerned home owner or you have a business that’s under threat, all you have to do is get in touch with us today.

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rodent access point

Rodent Behaviour

Rats and Mice will often leave what are known as ‘smear marks’ along walls and entry points. This is caused from contact with their greasy fur.

how we get rid of pests

Easy Access

Pests will take advantage of any small gaps around your property. This photo shows how mice were gaining access via a faulty air brick.

rat droppings

Pest Damage

All rodents must gnaw on a daily basis to keep their teeth down. Often they will use water pipes and electrical wiring causing serious damage.


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Uckfield pest control always use the best equipment and pesticides for the job. We believe in a quality service and also provide support and aftercare as necessary. We use cameras on our rat, mice and squirrel control, ensuring we get to the bottom of your problem as quickly as possible and can help you stop unwanted visitors from returning to your home in the future.

Whether you are worried about the infections caused by the presence of cockroaches, the dangers of having a wasp nest in the vicinity, the diseases carried by a fox you saw in the garden or a potentially hazardous build-up of bird droppings, one call is all you need.

Our experts understand the diseases and infections which could become an issue, and which actions need to be taken. We understand that every case is unique, and we are always happy to pass on advice and guidance to all customers. We are rightly regarded as experts in pest control in Uckfield, so contact us today.

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