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If you’re looking for fast, effective and decisive pest control in Southwater, all you need to do is make a call to DCM Pest Control. We offer many years of experience and a speedy, friendly service to both domestic and commercial customers. If you have uninvited guests in the property, we can help you to get rid of them.

Whether your problems are caused by insects, rodents, birds or anything else, we can provide the solution in no time. If you leave these issues to run their course, the chances are things will only get worse. Time is of the essence, so make the call today and we can take it from there.

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Mole Catcher

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If you notice several deposits of soil on your lawn, the culprit is likely to be a mole, and the bad news is that the problem will often continue to get worse. In their constant search for sustenance, moles will dig long tunnels, often causing a great deal of damage along the way.

We provide an experienced, knowledgeable Southwater mole catcher, a professional who knows all there is to know about the habits and habitats of the UK’s mole population. Whether you’re a home or business owner, or perhaps a groundskeeper responsible for a sporting venue, you can rely on DCM Pest Control from the start.

Fox Control

a fox in garden

In recent times, foxes have become more of a problem than ever before, both in the countryside and in our urban areas. We can help you to get rid of foxes in Southwater, and we can provide fox-proofing to ensure you don’t have an issue that keeps returning time and time again.

Foxes will regularly tear open rubbish bags in order to find food, and they have been known to attack family pets as well. Here at DCM Pest Control, we can trap foxes to keep them away from your property, and we also offer a culling service for those home and business owners who need quick results.

Flea Control

fleas on pet

If you see fleas in the home, whether on furniture, carpeting or perhaps in the fur of a family pet, the important thing to remember is that a safe, speedy solution is easy to find. To get rid of fleas in Southwater, the experts at DCM offer chemical treatments which get right to the heart of the problem.

Fleas can be brought into the home via clothing, pets or even in luggage after travelling back from a holiday or business trip. They will bite humans when they get the chance, and these bites can result in painful itching. In worst-case scenarios, fleas can spread a number of highly dangerous diseases, including typhus.

Wasp Nest Removal

southwater wasp nest removal

If you suddenly notice more wasps than usual in the home or in the garden, there is a possibility that you have a nest nearby. As every nest contains several thousand inhabitants, it’s wise to let the specialists take care of its removal and disposal. Wasps, especially when they feel threatened, can attack quickly and in numbers.

We offer effective wasp nest removal in Southwater, so one call to us is all you need to remove the problem. Some of the more common locations for nests include lofts, basements, garages and sheds. They can also be found in trees in the garden, and can be found at any time during the summer months.

Rodent Control

rat control southwater

Tell-tale signs of a rodent infestation include rat or mouse droppings in certain parts of the home and damage to wood and flooring caused by gnawing. Whether you have a serious infestation in the property or you just have the occasional visitor passing through, you need to make sure swift action is taken.

As well as damage to the home or business premises, it’s important to remember that there’s a risk of serious diseases such as lymphocytic choriomeningitis. As well as rats and mice causing problems, we also deal with the presence of squirrels, which can cause a great deal of damage to bulbs, flowers and lawns.

Bird Control

southwater bird pest control

We’ve all seen groups of pigeons and seagulls in our towns and cities, and it’s important to remember that these creatures can represent a major cause for concern for home and business owners. They are also a dangerous source of serious diseases which can be extremely hazardous to our health.

Bird control in Southwater is a must, and that’s why you need DCM on your side. The removal of roosting birds via culling or with the help of spikes or nets will reduce the risk caused by faeces, and will remove the damage caused by build-ups of guano. Needless to say, they will also no longer be able to create so much noise.

Rabbit Control

a rabbit warren

In a very short time span, rabbits can cause devastation to gardens, farmland, sports pitches, golf courses and public parks. They have a voracious appetite, and they can make their way through huge expanses of vegetation in no time. Unfortunately, their underground burrowing can be dangerous for vehicles, people and livestock.

Rabbits are notoriously rapid breeders, so a small issue today can easily become a major problem tomorrow. Effective treatment needs to be carried out quickly, so Southwater rabbit control from DCM is a must. Our solutions can range from trapping and proofing to gassing and shooting.


cockroach in kitchen

Cockroaches will often remain hidden during daylight hours, so it may not be immediately apparent that you have an infestation. They tend to make their homes in warm locations, such as under kitchen appliances and close to boilers and heaters. Getting rid of cockroaches in Southwater is easy if you have the experts with you.

The first sight of a cockroach can be alarming for the home owner, and of course it can spell economic disaster for many business owners. As well as helping to remove the presence of cockroaches via various chemical treatments, we can also monitor properties to avoid further infestations in the future.

Bed Bugs

bed bug pest removal

While bed bugs carry no threat of disease to humans, they can cause unpleasant bleeding and swelling by biting people while they sleep. Their presence isn’t always easy to detect, but one of the more obvious signs will be the sight of small faeces on bedding and on clothing.

DCM offer first-class bed bug eradication in Southwater, and we are experienced in dealing with both domestic and commercial customers. We use strong, effective chemicals, and our treatments can cover the whole property or can be targeted on specific rooms should it be necessary.

Cluster Flies

cluster flies

While not directly harmful to humans, cluster flies can be an upsetting sight for owners of homes and business properties. As the name suggests, these creatures often cluster around window frames. They like to make their homes in loft spaces, especially towards the end of the summer period.

We can help you to get rid of cluster flies in Southwater, with the help of some highly effective strong chemicals. We can also help you to prevent any further infestations in the future, an important issue because cluster flies often return to the same properties year after year.

Whether you’re concerned about the spread of disease or you’re keen to avoid property damage, it’s vital that you choose the best method of pest control in Southwater. These issues are best resolved by the specialists, so be sure to contact DCM Pest Control in order to find the peace of mind you need.


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Here at DCM, we know not all pest control companies are the same. We are proud to offer a friendly and informative service to both home owners and business leaders. Our locally-based technicians are highly trained and exceptionally knowledgeable, and that’s why we supply the finest pest control in Southwater and beyond.

Thanks to our years of experience, our in-depth knowledge and our understanding of local issues, we are the perfect partner when you need effective Southwater pest control. Having to deal with infestations of various unwanted visitors in the home or business can be difficult, but not when you have expert help.

Whether you’ve noticed a few rat droppings, molehills on the lawn or an increase in the local wasp population, one call is all you need to make the problem go away. We have been handling such issues in the area for many years, and we continue to set the standards for others to follow,

We provide one-off visits as well as yearly contracts to domestic and commercial customers, and we are proud to say that we enjoy a great deal of repeat business. We believe in providing a world-class service from start to finish and beyond, and we are always on hand to offer friendly advice and guidance.

To find out more about the finest Southwater pest control, all you have to do is pick up the phone. Call today on 01273 256 002 and have a chat with the best in the business.

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