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Are you having a problem with rodents, wasps, hornets or moles?

DCM pest control Horsham provide a friendly and reliable pest removal service to both domestic and commercial customers.

We will tailor our methods to suit your particular problem and environment and guarantee you a positive experience with the outcome you desire.

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Horsham pest and vermin control

Mole Catcher £90

At Horsham Pest Control, we use the traditional trapping method. We believe this is the most humane way of killing a mole and it guarantees removal of the problem. Mole catching is a skilled job and as professionals, we usually catch and dispatch of moles within two visits, but if we need to return in order to rid your pest problem then we will do.

Our Horsham mole catcher service has a no mole no fee guarantee!

horsham flea removal

Flea Control

At first sight, fleas may seem to be too small to be much of a threat to humans, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If an infestation isn’t dealt with quickly and effectively, a colony of fleas can pass on a number of highly dangerous diseases, including typhus and plague, and they can even be a host for tapeworms.

If you even suspect their presence in the home, you need to call in the experts to get rid of fleas in Horsham. Our experts will be able to deal with such situations in a calm, methodical manner, helping to resolve the issue as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Expert help is only a phone call away.

bird control in horsham

Bird Control

Birds can be extremely hazardous to human health, because their faeces can build up if left undisturbed, and will lead to serious injuries in a relatively short space of time. One of the most dangerous of all pests in the UK, birds are capable of passing on dozens of diseases.

They include histoplasmosis, Cryptococcus and salmonella. Birds are also capable of infecting other creatures, such as mosquitoes, which then go on to infect humans later. Effective bird control in Horsham includes bird-proof spikes, netting and, when a fast solution is required, shooting.

our team getting rid of a wasps nest

Wasp Nest Removal £59

You may hear a buzzing in your loft, see wasps in your garden or, if you are unlucky, feel the sting of a wasp. If you have experienced any of the above, then it is time to take action. Locating a wasp or hornet nest is not always an easy task. They hide away in warm and secluded places, often inaccessible and hard to reach. We have the equipment, chemicals and experience needed to destroy a wasp nest fast.

If you have found a nest please call our Horsham wasp nest removal team today!



Rabbits can be a problem for farmers and gardeners throughout the UK, but it should be noted that they can also pass on tularemia, a bacterial disease also known as rabbit fever. In addition to this, they carry diseases which can cause problems to domestic pets such as dogs and cats.

While we offer an effective proofing service for rabbit control in Horsham, we are also able to trap and kill rabbits on both domestic and commercial land. These creatures can breed at an exceptionally fast rate, so if you have an issue you need to make sure it’s dealt with as soon as possible.

rodent infestation - rats & mice

Rat & Mice Control £180

At DCM Pest Control, we use two methods of catching rats. The more common method is baiting. We use bromadiolone and brodifacoum based poisons which act as an anticoagulant. Rats are what we call ‘neophobic’, which means they are weary of new objects. For this reason it will take up to a week for the pests to feed on the bait. Rats will need to feed on the poison several times before consuming a lethal dose. This method is chosen as it ensures the rats do not become suspicious of the bait and so the entire colony of rats can be dispatched. We also use mk 4 fenn traps in tunnels and snap break back traps when necessary.

removing a fox

Fox Control

Toxocariasis is a serious illness which can be passed on to humans via a tapeworm carried by foxes. There are a number of problems caused by foxes in our gardens and on our farms, including the sarcoptic mange mite and even rabies. Therefore, effective fox control in Horsham should be a top priority.

It should be noted that pet owners need to monitor the health of their cats and dogs if there are foxes in the local vicinity. Here at DCM Pest Control, we offer a number of solutions to fox problems, including culling, trapping and the installation of fox-proof fencing. We also offer helpful advice about remaining fox-free in the future.

removing a squirrel

Squirrel Removal £150

Lofts that are within 2-3 metres of tree branches are more likely to get a squirrel pest problem. Also those who make a food source such as bird seed readily available will find they are more likely to attract vermin, which squirrels are classed as. Rotten soffits and fascias are a common entry point for grey squirrels, although these pesky intruders can bite through roofing material, especially if they have been blocked out of the loft and are desperately trying to get back to their young inside. Equally, if you block a hole with the animal inside then they are likely to cause considerable damage trying to escape.

cluster flies

Cluster Flies

Cluster flies don’t carry or transmit any diseases which are harmful to humans, but of course the sight of many hundreds of them in the home can be an upsetting one. They tend to gather in lofts and sheds when the summer starts to fade into autumn, in order to find warmth and safety.

Horsham pest control have been providing top of the range cluster fly control for many years, and we continue to offer a first class service to both home and business owners. One call to our specialists is all you need to ensure your problem goes away.

bed bugs in house

Bed Bugs

If you have bed bugs in the home or in a commercial property, the good news is that they carry very little in the way of diseases. The bad news is they can cause itchy bites in humans as they search for blood to feed on. Needless to say, the sight of bed bugs in a hotel or guesthouse can lead to financial disaster for the owners.

DCM Pest Control provide top quality bed bug control in Horsham and throughout Sussex. We can target treatments on individual rooms or across entire properties, bringing you fast, effective results in no time. Bed bugs remain hidden during the day, so expert help is usually required to achieve the right result.

Unlike other companies that provide pest control in Horsham we have a genuine fixed price structure. This ensures our customers are fully aware and happy with any pest removal before it commences.

Having to cope with pest issues in the home or business environment can be a difficult and sometimes dangerous process, but if you call in the specialists you know the job will be done quickly, efficiently and effectively. From insects and rodents to birds and foxes, expert help can make all the difference.

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DCM removal rats, mice, moles, wasps and squirrels quickly & humanely!

Our Horsham pest control team will carry out a full site survey to identify your pest control issue. They are fully trained and will be able to identify the species of your pest problem. Our staff hold the relevant certification to use the most effective controlled substances on the market, ensuring your wasp nest is dealt with as effectively as possible.

We will safely administer the correct method of pest control to eliminate your wasp pest problem in a discreet manner, so minimising disruption to your home or business, whilst keeping you informed in every step of the process. Our pest controllers can also advise on how to reduce re-occurrence of your pest problem.

Experienced Pest Control Team!

rodent access point

Rodent Behaviour

Rats and Mice will often leave what are known as ‘smear marks’ along walls and entry points. This is caused from contact with their greasy fur.

how we get rid of pests

Easy Access

Pests will take advantage of any small gaps around your property. This photo shows how mice were gaining access via a faulty air brick.

rat droppings

Pest Damage

All rodents must gnaw on a daily basis to keep their teeth down. Often they will use water pipes and electrical wiring causing serious damage.


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Horsham pest control always use the best equipment and pesticides for the job. We believe in a quality service and also provide support and aftercare as necessary. We use cameras on our rat, mice and squirrel control, ensuring we get to the bottom of your problem as quickly as possible and can help you stop unwanted visitors from returning to your home in the future.

Whether you are worried about the infections caused by the presence of cockroaches, the dangers of having a wasp nest in the vicinity, the diseases carried by a fox you saw in the garden or a potentially hazardous build-up of bird droppings, one call is all you need.

Our experts understand the diseases and infections which could become an issue, and which actions need to be taken. We understand that every case is unique, and we are always happy to pass on advice and guidance to all customers. We are rightly regarded as experts in pest control in Horsham, so contact us today.

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