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Finding out you have a pest problem can be a traumatic experience, but a call to DCM can point you towards a quick and stress-free solution. We offer the finest pest control in Haywards Heath, and our experts can deal with your issues in a calm, friendly and methodical manner.

Some pests are easy to spot, but others might remain hidden for some time. The specialists at DCM will be able to detect unwanted visitors to the home or business location, and will know how best to deal with the issue. One call is all you need to make it happen.

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Has A Pest Invaded Your Home?

Fox Control

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There are a number of tell-tale signs of the presence of a fox in urban areas, including torn rubbish bags and upended waste bins. In more rural locations, their presence can be indicated by attacks on chickens, geese and ducks. Speedy action is needed to make sure they don’t cause too much mayhem.

One of the most effective ways to control foxes in Haywards Heath is via the supply and instillation of fox-proof fencing from DCM. This provides long-term protection to both home and business locations. We also offer a range of trapping and culling options, all of which are carried out discreetly.

Mole Catcher

mole catching in haywards heath

If you have started to see mounds of soil appearing in your garden, you can be sure that a mole will be responsible for it. Moles love to dig in their search for food, and in the process they will turn an attractive lawn into something resembling a disaster zone. Fast action is needed, and that’s when you need us.

We provide our mole catching service in Haywards Heath to home owners, groundskeepers, farmers and park managers. We have found that fumigation and trapping methods work best, and we work on a no mole, no fee basis. Contact us today to book a visit from our mole catcher.

Wasp Nest Removal

haywards heath wasp nest removal service

If you have noticed an increasing number of wasps making their way into the home or the business premises, there is every chance that a nest is to be found nearby. The common wasp tends to nest in properties while the German variety will usually make their homes in the garden or in the trees.

Whichever variety you might have, you will want quick, decisive action. We offer domestic and commercial customers the best wasp nest removal in Haywards Heath and the surrounding area. We’ll also check the area for other nests, giving you the peace of mind you need.

Rodent Control

rat in trap

There are several tell-tale signs when it comes to a rodent presence. They include the presence of droppings, which tend to be dark brown and shaped like a grain of rice. You may even notice the sound of scratching at night, as rats and mice like to chew their way through wood, metal, bricks and even concrete.

We can help you to get rid of rats in Haywards Heath, as well as mice and squirrels. We can provide a first class trapping or extermination service which will serve as the ultimate rodent control in Haywards Heath. Crucially, we also supply proofing solutions and advice which will prevent future problems.

Flea Control

flea infestation

It’s often the case that home owners remain unaware of a flea infestation for some time, and in such instances the colony can become increasingly sizable. Their presence is usually indicated by the regular scratching of household pets such as cats and dog, and perhaps by the sight of fleas jumping on and around furniture.

An infestation in the home requires fast action, because these insects can carry and pass on a number of dangerous diseases. We offer a range of solutions, including high-strength chemical treatments. For the most effective flea control in Haywards Heath, get in touch with DCM today.



Cockroaches prefer to make their homes in warm areas such as in heating ducts and beside hot water pipes, and they often remain hidden from sight until late at night. Unfortunately, the first time they are seen can be a traumatic experience for the home owner, especially perhaps if they are on or close to a food source.

The ultimate cockroach control in Haywards Heath can be achieved via fast-acting chemical treatments and targeted intense heat. These creatures are exceptionally adaptable and are often hard to find, so expert help from DCM is a must. We have worked for both domestic and commercial customers who have suffered infestations.

Bed Bugs


Bed bugs tend to remain hidden during the day, so it’s not always easy to detect their presence. If you see small streaks of blood or faeces on your bedding, however, there is a chance that you have an infestation. Another tell-tale sign is the appearance of bite marks and small swellings on your skin.

Bed bug control is crucial for the home owner, of course, but it’s perhaps even more vital for owners of hotels, guesthouses and retirement homes. DCM Pest Control can fog or fumigate individual rooms as well as whole properties, helping you to get rid of bed bugs with a minimum of fuss.

Rabbit Control

rabbit proofing

Rabbits have a voracious appetite for vegetation, so if they make an appearance in the garden or on the farm it will be all too apparent. They often congregate in large numbers before dusk. If you don’t arrange for effective rabbit control in Haywards Heath you may soon regret it, because they breed at an exceptionally fast rate.

We offer a number of options, from gassing and trapping to culling and proofing. Our experts have been dealing with this issue for many years, and we know all there is to know about getting rid of rabbits in Haywards Heath and the rest of Sussex. Rabbit warrens can be complex in size and shape, so expert help needs to be called upon.

Bird Control

proofing against birds

Usually the first indicator of a bird presence around the home and the business premises is perhaps the noise. Pigeons, and particularly seagulls, can be extremely noisy, so effective bird control in Haywards Heath has to be a top priority. Thankfully, the experts at DCM have a range of options which will achieve the optimum results.

It should be noted that a build-up of bird faeces will also indicate their presence, and should serve as a health warning to everyone who either lives or works in the area. We specialise in culling birds, and we offer a range of proofing products which will help to prevent further problems.

Cluster Flies

flies in the loft

Cluster flies are often found in lofts, especially those located in older properties. They can remain hidden from sight for some time, but if you hear a low buzzing sound it may indicate their presence. The sight of a large colony of them on and around window frames serves as an upsetting indicator of a problem.

Here at DCM Pest Control, we can help to get rid of cluster flies in Haywards Heath with ease. We use either strong, fast-acting chemicals or a targeted fogging process, bringing you the peace of mind you need. We also offer advice and guidance on how to prevent any repeat visits in the ensuing years.

Pests can be a nuisance. They can damage your home, spread disease and cause harm to you or your family. DCM Pest Control Haywards Heath take the hassle out of any pest invasion. We are a local business, large enough to provide an efficient and professional service, but small enough to ensure our customer service is friendly and caring.


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Problems with a pest?

Haywards Heath pest control team

You shouldn’t have to compromise when you’re in need of pest control in Haywards Heath, so be sure to contact our experts right from the start. We have the experience, the know-how and the dedication to make sure your problem is solved. One call is all you need to start the ball rolling.

There are a number of tell-tale signs which indicate the presence of an unwanted pest. Whether you can hear movement in the loft, or can see small streaks of blood on your bedding, or perhaps you’ve noticed the family dog scratching more often than usual, you will want to engage the services of genuine experts.

As well as eradication of a wide selection of pests, we can also humanely trap and remove some creatures. We offer highly effective proofing options, including bird spikes, rabbit-proof fencing and bird netting. It’s important to ensure your current pest problem doesn’t become a recurring one.

DCM Pest Control have been providing the very best pest control in Haywards Heath for many years, and we look forward to bringing you the satisfaction you need. One call to our experts on 01273 256 002 will be the first, decisive step on the road to complete peace of mind.

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Haywards Heath pest control always use the best equipment and pesticides for the job. We believe in a quality service and also provide support and aftercare as necessary. We use cameras on our rat, mice and squirrel control, ensuring we get to the bottom of your problem as quickly as possible and can help you stop unwanted visitors from returning to your home in the future.