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We are DCM Pest Control, experts in pest control in East Grinstead. We offer a fast and decisive solution to all pest problems in both the home and business environments. Our knowledgeable, experienced technicians know how best to deal with all issues, from the smallest insect treatments to the largest rodent infestations.

We have an in-depth understanding of the habitats and behaviour patterns of a vast range of pests, and can offer practical advice as well as effective action. The best pest control in East Grinstead is only ever a phone call away, so get in touch today and allow us to solve your issues as quickly, as discreetly and as efficiently as possible.

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Mole Catcher

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The UK’s mole population causes a great deal of damage, with a single mole often creating up to ten separate molehills in a day. Large deposits of soil, and the subsequent weaker ground caused by digging, can be expensive to repair and will sometimes be dangerous to humans, pets and livestock.

Here at DCM Pest Control, our specialist East Grinstead mole catcher will bring a quick and effective resolution to your problems. We work on a no mole, no fee basis, bringing peace of mind to home owners as well as those who manage farms, golf courses, public parks and sports pitches. Moles are notoriously suspicious and difficult to catch, so expert help is a must.

Fox Control

fox in garden

The nation’s fox population has been steadily growing in recent years, in part because of the adaptability of these creatures. They can cause damage to waste bags and bins as they seek food, and will often attack family pets, rabbits, chickens and many other animals.

We offer effective fox control in East Grinstead via a variety of options, including the installation of fox-proof fencing. We can also trap or shoot foxes in a methodical and discreet manner, giving you a quick solution to all fox-related problems. Action is always required, because foxes carry a number of potentially harmful diseases, including toxoplasmosis and toxocara.

Flea Control

fleas in carpet

Some people find the sight of fleas in the home or business to be either a source of embarrassment, a source of disgust or a mixture of both. These insects are exceptionally small, but effective East Grinstead flea treatments can remove them in no time. It’s important to deal with them, because they can breed at an extremely rapid rate.

They tend to make their homes on carpets and furniture, and will often target the family pets as well. They can cause itchy pains in humans via their bite marks, but the best East Grinstead flea control from DCM can make their presence a thing of the past.

Wasp Nest Removal

specialist wasp nest removal

If you’re looking for wasp nest removal in East Grinstead, you need a fast response and plenty of expert advice. Our technicians deal with nests quickly and effectively, and will always check whether more nests are located nearby.

Nests in lofts and sheds are usually built by the common wasp while those in bushes and trees tend to be made by the German variety. Whichever type you have, you will want it dealt with in a speedy and professional manner. It’s important to remember that blocking the entrance to a nest in the loft can cause major problems, because the wasps will scour the property looking for other exits.

Rodent Control


The first sight of rodents in the home or business premises can be extremely upsetting, but it’s important to act quickly by calling in our experts. Rats, squirrels and mice like to make their homes in warm areas such as wall cavities and lofts, and they will inevitably cause a great deal of damage by gnawing their way through wood, metal and even brickwork.

Without effective pest control in East Grinstead, rodents can create a major fire risk by damaging electrical wiring and can exploit faulty drain systems. Treatment is needed at the earliest possible opportunity. Diseases such as leptospirosis, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome and lymphocytic choriomeningitis are a very real possibility, and of course the damage to buildings can cost several thousand pounds to repair.

Bird Control

bird control

Effective pigeon control in East Grinstead is a must, especially for business premises which have suffered in the past. Shopfronts and entrances can become unsightly and harmful to health thanks to the proliferation of faeces, and the subsequent noise can be a major problem for local residents.

Here at DCM, we provide the finest pigeon and gull control in East Grinstead, so be sure to speak to our experts today. We can supply netting and spikes which discourage birds from landing and roosting in specific locations, and we offer speedy resolutions via culling, shooting and electrical deterrents. If your business reputation depends on cleanliness and hygiene, you need our help right now.

Rabbit Control

rabbit warren

In the wild, rabbits are far removed from the cute pets that many of us have in our homes. They can cause a huge amount of damage to gardens, sporting venues and farms, thanks to their voracious appetites. They breed at an extremely rapid rate, so their numbers will increase without effective East Grinstead rabbit control.

Rabbits can attract other pests, including the fox, and this can have a devastating effect on homes and businesses. In the 1950s, myxomatosis was introduced to reduce the UK’s rabbit population, but these days their numbers are on the increase once again. We are specialists in trapping and culling rabbits, as well as providing proofing measures.


cockroach in kitchen

When dealing with cockroaches treatments need to be effective both at the start and into the future. Here at DCM Pest Control, we offer regular checks to prevent further infestations, and we monitor homes and business premises in order to identify the first signs of their presence.

Cockroaches like to find warmth and shelter, and because of this they often tend to make their homes in cracks and crevices in kitchens. They are obviously upsetting for home owners to deal with, but in the business sector they can often cause a great deal of damage to the reputations of restaurants, hotels and hospitals. Food outlets are legally obliged to take steps to prevent infestations.

Bed Bugs

bed bug pest removal

Bed bugs are usually only active at night, so it’s not always easy to know there is a problem. They are attracted to the carbon monoxide in our breathing, and they will often feed on the blood of humans while they sleep. Their bites are not usually dangerous, but they will usually cause bleeding and swelling.

We offer effective bud beg control in East Grinstead, whether your home or business needs to be treated by individual room or throughout the whole of the property. The eggs of bed bugs can be transferred via clothing, and can travel easily from abroad and from hotel to hotel. Immediate action is always recommended.

Cluster Flies

cluster flies

While not directly harmful to human health, the sight of several thousand cluster flies in the home can be an extremely upsetting one. It should also be noted that they can attract other pests if they are not effectively dealt with. These insects tend to congregate in warm lofts as autumn approaches, and will often be found on and around window frames.

They are a particular nuisance to owners of older houses, in part because access to the property is usually easier. Unfortunately, they often return on an annual basis to homes and business properties, so it’s advisable to seek the best East Grinstead cluster flies control every year.

There are several reasons to seek out the best pest control in East Grinstead, including the threat of infection, the potential for property damage, a fire risk from gnawing rodents and a sense of embarrassment. We offer tailored solutions to every pest control issue, so be sure to contact the experts before situations have the chance to deteriorate.


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Here at DCM, we know not all pest control companies are the same. We are proud to offer a friendly and informative service to both home owners and business leaders. Our locally-based technicians are highly trained and exceptionally knowledgeable, and that’s why we supply the finest pest control in East Grinstead and beyond.

Whether you’re having to deal with an infestation of insects, the presence of rodents or the appearance of foxes, you will be happy to deal with accredited specialists. We are vetted and reviewed by previous customers, and we are always available for a no obligation chat about the issues you are facing.

As well as offering a speedy, effective range of options to our customers, including one-off treatments and yearly contracts, we can provide advice and guidance on ensuring today’s issues aren’t repeated again in the future. Any domestic or commercial property which has become home to rodents, insects, birds, foxes or rabbits will be treated in a discreet and decisive manner.

For a friendly chat about effective pest control in East Grinstead, get in touch with us today and let’s start the ball rolling. A quick call to us on 01273 256 002 is all you need. We look forward to hearing from you.

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