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When you’re looking for fast, effective pest control in Crawley, look no further than the experts at DCM Pest Control. We provide an experienced, discreet and decisive service to both domestic and commercial customers, using the latest techniques and a sound understanding of those unwanted visitors that have caused you problems.

Whether you’re facing an infestation of bed bugs, a large wasp’s nest in the loft or a mole bringing havoc to your lawn, you’ll be pleased and relieved to know that specialist assistance and guidance is so easy to find.

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Mole Control

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Crawley Mole Catcher

It’s important to get rid of moles as soon as you realise you have a problem, and that’s why a call to our mole catcher in Crawley is a necessity. Moles can cause havoc in gardens, parks, golf courses and sports pitches, and they will usually continue to do so until they are stopped.

Our Crawley mole catcher works on a no mole, no fee basis, so you only pay for positive results. The most effective methods tend to be either fumigation or trapping, and these call for specialist knowledge of the habits and behaviour patterns of the mole. It’s best to contact our experts before the problems become too severe.


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Effective Fox Control

Our knowledge and experience of fox-related problems have helped us to expertly deal with issues in the past for a number of home and business owners. We offer immediate solutions via shooting and trapping foxes, both of which are conducted with sensitivity and discretion.

We also offer an effective proofing service, installing fox-proof fencing which will prevent further encroachments taking place. Foxes can cause a great deal of damage if they are not dealt with by our Crawley pest control experts, and of course they are often linked to attacks on chickens, rabbits and even family pets.

Flea Infestation

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Flea Control

An infestation of fleas in the home can be rather traumatic, but one call to our specialists will bring you the ultimate flea pest control in Crawley. We use exceptionally fast-acting strong chemicals to eradicate fleas in furniture, clothing, carpeting and on family pets. Treatment is quick, efficient and highly effective.

It’s difficult to prevent an infestation taking place, because these tiny insects can be brought into the home via dogs, cats and people. In many cases, they inflict bite marks in humans which can become painful and itchy. The presence of fleas needs expert attention, so be sure to contact our Crawley Pest Control team at the earliest opportunity.

Wasps – Hornets

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Wasp Nest Removal Crawley

Tackling wasp nest removal in Crawley without expert help can be dangerous, so it’s important to call on the specialists. Here at DCM Pest Control, we spray strong chemicals which will eradicate all the wasps quickly and effectively. Whether you have a nest in the garden, in the home or in the business premises, we can help.

A fully-established nest can contain up to 10,000 wasps, so the treatment we use will be strong and fast-acting. We will also check the vicinity for the presence of further nests, giving you the peace of mind you need. For the best wasp control in Crawley and the surrounding area, all you need to do is contact DCM.

Rats, Mice & Squirrels


Crawley Rodent Control

There are a number of ways to deal with a rodent infestation, so the ideal solution for you will depend on the individual circumstances. The important thing to remember is that you need to take action as soon as you become aware of a rodent presence in the home or business, because rats and mice tend to breed quickly.

Our treatments can include trapping, extermination and, crucially, proofing. Once the infestation has been dealt with, steps need to be taken to prevent further encroachments. Squirrels, rats and mice can cause a great deal of damage to the property, so you need effective rodent control in Crawley right from the start.

Pigeons & Gulls

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Bird Control

Birds can be a major problem for both home and business owners, and their presence can even represent a serious danger to human health. Their faeces are hazardous, and if left to build up they can cause major problems. Effective bird control in Crawley is a must for both domestic and commercial customers.

We can arrange for the installation of bird spikes and bird netting, each of which is designed to discourage roosting. In addition to this we offer electrical equipment which will get rid of birds from specific locations. If you’re in need of a quick fix, we also provide highly effective shooting and culling services.


rabbit warren

Rabbit Control

If you have a problem with rabbit control in Crawley, we can provide the solution. There are several effective methods used in getting rid of rabbits, including shooting, trapping and culling. We can even install rabbit-proof fencing in a bid to ensure you don’t have any issues to deal with in the future.

Rabbit warrens can be complex, and will often cover a vast area of land. They can weaken the ground, creating a problem for vehicles and livestock in the process. Rabbits are voracious eaters, which means they can cause major devastation in no time at all. And the speed at which they breed means you need to take action as quickly as possible.


cockroach in kitchen

Cockroach Treatments

There are few things in the home that can be more upsetting than the sight of a cockroach, and of course in the business sector it can be financially disastrous. Thankfully, one quick call to DCM Pest Control is all you need to get rid of cockroaches in Crawley.

We use fast-acting chemicals to eradicate cockroaches quickly, and in some cases we utilise targeted intensive heat treatments to cull the local cockroach population. We also offer advice on preventing further infestations, so be sure to have a chat to our specialists before the situation gets any worse.

Bed Bugs

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Get rid of Bed bugs

Bed bug control in Crawley is easy if you have the experts on your side. We offer speedy treatments which will solve the issue in no time, leaving you with the confidence of knowing that the problem has been removed. It’s not easy to know for sure that you have an infestation, so have a chat with our Crawley Pest Control team today if you’re suspicious.

If you notice small streaks of blood on your bedding, and perhaps small swellings on your skin, there is every chance that you have an infestation. The most effective way to get rid of bed bugs in Crawley is via strong insecticides or by intensive heat treatments. These can be used in individual rooms or throughout the property.

Cluster Flies

cluster flies

Cluster Flies

While not directly harmful to humans, cluster flies can be a major nuisance, so it’s important to call in the experts in order to fix the issue. We usually use one of two methods to get rid of cluster flies in Crawley, the first of which is a strategic utilisation of strong, fast-acting insecticides.

Alternatively, we use intensive fogging systems to clear the cluster flies from the affected area. We also provide repeat visits, because in many cases cluster flies will try to come back year after year to the same property. Usually, these insects will congregate in warm attics as the summer season draws to an end.

For the most effective pest control in Crawley, you need the experts to get the job done properly. Here at DCM Pest Control, we have been dealing with such issues for many years, and we continue to provide first class service to both home and business owners.


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The finest pest control in Crawley and the surrounding area depends on the expert application of the most appropriate techniques and treatments. Whether we are dealing with a one-off problem or a long-term contract, we always make use of the latest technology to bring the best results.

Our treatments can involve a series of strong chemicals to quickly eradicate an infestation, or perhaps a range of fogging and fumigating systems to get rid of unwanted visitors in no time. From catching moles and shooting pigeons to culling foxes and trapping rabbits, we provide the solutions you seek.

We also offer top quality advice and guidance in regard to preventing further issues from occurring again in the future. We provide honest, reliable suggestions on how best to make sure your problems remain a thing of the past. We also supply and install a wide range of proofing equipment to keep you pest-free for years to come.

One call to Crawley pest control is all you need to find out more, so get in touch today on 01273 256 002. Our specialists are knowledgeable, friendly and discreet.

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