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Welcome to DCM Pest Control, specialists in pest control in Brighton and the surrounding area. We provide a first-class service to both domestic and commercial customers, specialising in the control, elimination and proofing for a variety of pests, from the occasional unwanted visitors to complete infestations.

Our local team of specialists can help you to get rid of a number of pests, from the tiniest insects and rodents to the largest foxes, rabbits and birds. Whatever your issue might be, DCM Pest Control have the solution. Whether your home or business premises is affected, we can help.

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Rodent & Insect Control Throughout Brighton

Fox Control

fox in garden

Foxes are a problem in both rural and urban locations. We offer a range of options designed to control or get rid of foxes from the locale, from culling and trapping to the provision and installation of fox-proof fencing.

In the countryside, wild foxes can cause a great deal of damage to property and to livestock, attacking chickens, ducks and lambs on a regular basis. On many farms, fox-proof fencing has become an absolute must. In towns and cities, foxes are attracted by waste bins in gardens. Their faeces can transmit toxocariasis, which can be dangerous to humans.

Mole Catcher

catching moles in field

Moles can be a major nuisance to both homes and businesses, burrowing under gardens, fields, farms, golf courses and public parks. These solitary creatures gather together to breed between March and July and they produce average litters of 4-6 offspring. Unfortunately, if their presence isn’t dealt with quickly the results can be extremely damaging.

DCM Pest Control Brighton provide fast, humane results via our effective trapping techniques. We don’t use gas or poisons, and we offer peace of mind via our no mole, no fee guarantee. One call is all you need to find a mole catcher who can provide the mole control you need.

Wasp Nest Removal

wasp nest removal

The presence of a wasp nest can be extremely upsetting, but it can be expertly and successfully dealt with by our specialists with a minimum of fuss. A wasps’ nest can contain around 10,000 wasps, and it’s important to remember the inhabitants can attack in numbers if they feel threatened.

Nests are often to be found in sheds, lofts, garages and gardens. Fast, effective, guaranteed wasp nest control by DCM Pest Control Brighton can ensure the complete eradication of all wasps within 3-4 hours, and we have specialist equipment to help us reach even the most inaccessible locations.

Rodent Control


Rats, mice and squirrels can cause significant damage to the home and
business premises, and their presence can create a great deal of upset.
It’s easy to see where they have been active, because they tend to scratch
around and they leave a great many droppings along the way. We use motion
detection equipment to ascertain which pests are in which area.

In many locations, they are particularly active around bird feeders and
chicken coops where they seek supplies of food. Once their presence has
been dealt with, we can supply and install proofing equipment to keep them
away for the foreseeable future. Our mouse and rat control strategies will
depend each time on the individual circumstances of each infestation.

Flea Control

fleas in carpet

A flea infestation in the home can be extremely upsetting, and in many cases the presence of these tiny insects won’t be easy to detect. Infestations often occur as a result of fleas brought into the home via pets, so any flea control has to include any dogs or cats that live in the property.

Fleas can inflict bites and scratches on humans and pets, so if you have reason to believe your home has been infested you need to speak to us at the earliest opportunity. They can live from two weeks to several months, and we offer a range of effective treatments including fast-acting chemicals.


cockroach in kitchen

One of the least welcome of all pests, cockroaches love the warmth of heating ducts and boilers. They can be found in homes all over Brighton, of course, and for many businesses their presence can be extremely damaging in terms of reputation. In all cases, treating cockroaches needs to be quick, and it needs to be effective.

Our Brighton Pest Control team can help you to get rid of cockroaches with fast-acting chemicals or by targeted intensive heat treatments. While these insects are notoriously tough to deal with, we have the experience, the tenacity and the knowledge to eradicate them in no time.

Bed Bugs

bed bug pest removal

If you have noticed small blood deposits on your bed sheets, or perhaps bite marks or swelling on your skin, you may have an infestation of bed bugs. Bed bug removal can be a complex process, and it’s one that should be carried out by experienced specialists. We offer a choice of solutions, including insecticides and targeted heat treatments.

To get rid of bed bugs, the whole room needs to be treated, because they tend to make their homes in small crevices, under mattresses, behind loose wallpaper and behind skirting boards. Bed bugs feed on the blood of mammals, including humans, and they tend to live for 6-12 months.

Rabbit Control

rabbit warren

We offer a number of different methods when controlling rabbits, and we treat each case on an individual basis. Rabbits can cause substantial damage to fencing, vegetation and flowers, and the construction of extensive warrens can undermine fields, gardens, farms and various sporting venues. The resultant weaker ground can be dangerous for people, livestock and vehicles.

Here at DCM Pest Control Brighton, we offer everything from shooting and trapping to ferreting and gassing, and we can even install rabbit-proof fencing in a bid to protect specific locations. Rabbits breed quickly and often, so fast action is needed to prevent minor issues from turning into major catastrophes.

Bird Control

brighton bird pest control

The majority of bird problems for home and business owners in the UK are caused by either pigeons or gulls, and they can prove to be extremely damaging. There are several highly effective bird proofing options to choose from, including netting and spikes which prevent them from congregating or roosting on buildings and ledges.

It’s important to control birds as soon as a problem occurs, because the build-up of faeces, known as guano, can be hazardous to health and damaging to various structures. We can tailor solutions to suit both domestic and commercial customers, ensuring effective protection right from the start.

Cluster Flies

cluster flies

Cluster flies are not directly harmful to our health, but their presence in the house can be extremely upsetting for many people. They tend to make their homes in loft spaces where it’s warm and they can remain generally undisturbed, especially in the late summer months when they look to hibernate.

Treating cluster flies via an intensive fogging process or a strong insecticide is the most effective method, so if you have a problem we at DCM Pest Control can help. In some cases, treatment is needed on an annual basis for a period of time, in order to control the problem properly and to ensure there are no more visits in the future.

Pests can be a nuisance. They can damage your home, spread disease and cause harm to you or your family. DCM Pest Control Brighton take the hassle out of any pest invasion. We are a local business, large enough to provide an efficient and professional service, but small enough to ensure our customer service is friendly and caring.


We get rid of rodents, wasps, fleas, flies, moles, foxes, rabbits, bed bugs, birds and more!

Problems with Rodents or Birds?

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Proofing your home or business against potential pests begins with the elimination of access points. Whether you’re having problems with rats or mice in the property or with foxes, rabbits, birds and squirrels outside, we at DCM Pest Control can provide the ultimate proofing service. With our help, your issue can soon become a thing of the past.

There are several benefits to choosing the proofing option, and perhaps the most obvious is the removal of any potential return visit. It should also be noted that this strategy is more humane, because it doesn’t involve any culling of creatures. If you would like to have full, continued protection from now on, get in touch with our experts today to start the ball rolling.

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