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Are you experiencing problems with rodents, wasps or moles?

When you first realise that you have a problem with pests in the home or business premises, you’re likely to experience a mixture of revulsion and disgust, but there is no need to panic at this discovery. DCM Pest Control are experienced specialists in this field, and will be able to provide a fast and effective solution.

Our Billingshurst pest control service covers everything from the presence of a single mole to the existence of a large infestation of cockroaches. Whether you’re having issues inside the property or outside in gardens, farmland or sports grounds, we should be your first port of call.

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Mole Catcher £90

Fast, effective and decisive mole control in Billingshurst is a must, because these determined creatures can cause havoc in no time. Thanks to their strong front limbs and their voracious appetite, they will dig long tunnels and ruin gardens until they are stopped in their tracks.

Our expert mole catcher has been controlling mole populations in the area for many years, and we know all there is to know about this specialist aspect of pest control. We work on a no mole, no fee basis with home owners throughout the region, as well as with those who manage and maintain golf courses, public parks and sporting venues.

removal of a wasp nest

Wasp Nest Removal £59

When the summer season comes around, we understandably like to spend time in the garden, but there are times when the local wasp population will try to ruin things. If you have a nest in the vicinity, the problems can become more of a danger than a simple irritation to friends and family members.

We offer speedy wasp nest removal in Billingshurst and the surrounding area, so you don’t have to suffer when the sun comes out. There are likely to be several thousand inhabitants in a nest, and well-meaning amateurs can make them extremely angry if they attempt to do the job themselves. Specialist help is a must.

billingshurst flea removal

Flea Control

If you want to get rid of fleas in Billingshurst, we can help you. We use a range of extremely strong chemicals to kill off the flea population in no time, ensuring the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are pest-free. There are a number of ways in which fleas can get into the home or the business premises.

While we tend to think of fleas using domestic pets to get into and out of properties, they can also be transported via second hand furniture and carpeting, and sometimes on clothing as well. DCM Pest Control will eradicate the fleas and offer sound advice on how best to avoid future infestations.

bird control in billingshurst

Bird Control

If birds such as pigeons and seagulls can find a good source of food and a sheltered location for roosting, they can create a number of difficult issues for home and business owners. As well as a major source of noise, their faeces can build up in a short space of time and will eventually represent a major health hazard.

Customers who require an instant solution to bird problems in Billingshurst can request our shooting service, while in all cases we are also likely to recommend any one of a number of bird-proofing products. By installing spikes or netting in specific locations, we can make sure the birds no longer congregate in the vicinity.

rodent infestation - rats & mice

Rat & Mice Control £180

When they think about rodent control in Billingshurst, most people immediately mention rats and mice, but it should be noted that squirrels can also be a problem, especially for domestic and commercial gardeners who are keen to avoid damage to their plants, flowers and lawns.

Rats and mice can cause havoc inside the property, partly because they are more than capable of chewing their way through wood, metal and even brickwork. Immediate action is required if you have a rodent problem, so be sure to get in touch with the experts at DMC Pest Control.

rabbit warrens


Rabbits are a major cause for concern for gardeners in the domestic sector, of course, but they are an even bigger problem for landowners, groundskeepers and farmers. A colony of rabbits can increase in size rapidly, so fast, effective action will always be the number one priority.

DCM Pest Control can help you to get rid of rabbits with a minimum of fuss. We offer trapping, gassing and culling services to both domestic and commercial customers, and we can provide and install rabbit-proof fencing to make sure the problem remains nothing more than a thing of the past.

removing a fox from a garden

Fox Control

There are several courses of action when dealing with foxes, and the best of them will depend on the individual circumstances. In many cases, fox control in Billingshurst will only be truly effective when fox-proof fencing is installed after the removal of these highly intelligent creatures from the locale.

Foxes have always been a major problem in the countryside, in part because they are quite capable of attacking and killing a vast range of animals. In recent times, they have adapted to life in the cities and towns as well, where they have developed a taste for domestic waste that has been left out in bags and bins.

trapping a squirrel

Squirrel Removal £150

Lofts that are within 2-3 metres of tree branches are more likely to get a squirrel pest problem. Also those who make a food source such as bird seed readily available will find they are more likely to attract vermin, which squirrels are classed as. Rotten soffits and fascias are a common entry point for grey squirrels, although these pesky intruders can bite through roofing material, especially if they have been blocked out of the loft and are desperately trying to get back to their young inside. Equally, if you block a hole with the animal inside then they are likely to cause considerable damage trying to escape.

cluster flies

Cluster Flies

We use strong insecticides to deal with cluster flies, especially when we are dealing with a large infestation. These insects tend to be more of an irritation than a danger, although it should be noted that their presence can attract other pests which are drawn to the home because of this food source.

In the majority of cases, cluster flies come into the home in order to find somewhere to hibernate in the autumn. They particularly like attics and roof spaces, where they find warmth and relative solitude. Unfortunately, they regularly return to the same properties on an annual basis.

bed bugs on mattress

Bed Bugs

One of the issues facing home and business owners who have been plagued by bed bugs is the fact that an infestation isn’t always immediately apparent. The insects remain hidden away during the day, and of course they come out of their hiding places usually when the occupants are asleep.

The presence of bed bugs in the home can be highly upsetting, but it can spell economic disaster for owners of hotels and guesthouses. We offer rapid bed bug removal in Billingshurst thanks to targeted chemical treatments which are designed to work immediately. Peace of mind in this matter is a must.

cockroach infestation


A cockroach infestation can bring with it a number of highly dangerous diseases, so effective action must be taken at the earliest opportunity. We have helped home and business owners to get rid of cockroaches in Billingshurst in recent years, and we continue to provide future protection from these extremely unpleasant insects.

Whether you are suffering from an infestation of German or Oriental cockroaches (both are common in the UK), you can rest assured that expert help is only a phone call away. We also carry out a monitoring service to ensure you don’t suffer from further infestations in the future.

From trapping and fumigating to shooting and gassing, pest control in Billingshurst can take on many forms. Here at DCM Pest Control we know that domestic and commercial customers who call us are desperate to find a solution, and that’s why we offer a comprehensive service to cover all types of pest.

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DCM removal rats, mice, moles, wasps and squirrels quickly & humanely!

Our highly trained experts offer a fast and effective service that will help to get rid of pests in Billingshurst and throughout the surrounding area. We use a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques to ensure your home or business premises becomes pest-free in the shortest possible time.

Whether you need us to remove a wasp nest, cull a colony of rabbits, trap a family of foxes or discourage some birds, we will carry out the task with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of efficiency. We specialise in bringing you the results you need in a friendly and helpful manner.

As well as ensuring your pest problem goes away, we will also offer advice and guidance which can help to prevent problems in the future. We provide one-off visits and annual contracts to home owners, farmers, greenkeepers and land managers, and are always happy to discuss the options which are open to you.

In order to find out more about the benefits of using our Billingshurst pest control service, contact us today. We’re available on 01273 256 002, and we’re waiting to hear from you.

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rodent access points on house

Rodent Behaviour

Rats and Mice will often leave what are known as ‘smear marks’ along walls and entry points. This is caused from contact with their greasy fur.

rat burrows

Easy Access

Pests will take advantage of any small gaps around your property. This photo shows how mice were gaining access via a faulty air brick.

rodent damage

Pest Damage

All rodents must gnaw on a daily basis to keep their teeth down. Often they will use water pipes and electrical wiring causing serious damage.


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Billingshurst pest control always use the best equipment and pesticides for the job. We believe in a quality service and also provide support and aftercare as necessary. We use cameras on our rat, mice and squirrel control, ensuring we get to the bottom of your problem as quickly as possible and can help you stop unwanted visitors from returning to your home in the future.

Whether you are worried about the infections caused by the presence of cockroaches, the dangers of having a wasp nest in the vicinity, the diseases carried by a fox you saw in the garden or a potentially hazardous build-up of bird droppings, one call is all you need.

Our experts understand the diseases and infections which could become an issue, and which actions need to be taken. We understand that every case is unique, and we are always happy to pass on advice and guidance to all customers. We are rightly regarded as experts in pest control in Billingshurst, so contact us today.

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