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We provide professional Rodent control services throughout Sussex. We are a local business, large enough to provide an efficient and professional service, but small enough to be competitively priced and ensure our customer service is friendly and caring.

We charge £225 for Rodent Control and this includes up to 4 visits to completely resolve your infestation.

Need Mice Removal?

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mice in house

Mice gnaw on wires and pipes regularly to keep their teeth down. Don’t put yourself at risk and call the experts today!

Unwanted Visitor During The Night?

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Sussex Mice Control From £225

This is a job for the professional mouse catcher. We can give your property a thorough inspection, assessing where the rodents could be getting in and advising you on how to prevent that in the future. It could be a damaged air vent, a brick or a gap under a door. The tiniest hole can make an entry point for these tiny pests.

Mice also enter through cavity walls in modern houses, often going from house to house without ever having to go outside. This makes it very difficult for the DIY mouse catcher to make an effective difference to the situation. It is best left to the professional pest controllers.

Sussex mice control use poisons what are unavailable to you, and also reduce the risks of contamination or unintentional poisoning. We also use traps in the appropriate places and arrange a suitable time to come back to perform a follow up inspection.

For more info please contact the Sussex mice control team on 01273 256002

Signs of Mice

  • Droppings & Urine
  • Gnawing marks
  • Noises at night in wall cavity or loft
  • Rat burrows are often found in the garden and under sheds.

Let Us Get Rid Of Your Mice!

  • Mice will chew wires
  • Mice can go without water for a number of days
  • Only need a gap the size of a 20 pence piece to gain access to your property

Happy Customers

We used DCM to remove the mice from our garage. Very nice chap solved the problem within a few days. (Mr Cole – Sussex)
Mouse problem in the kitchen was quickly fixed and no further issues. (Mrs Lyon-West – West Sussex)