Fox Control In Sussex

Here at DCM Pest Control, we know that the presence of urban foxes in the local area can be extremely upsetting for residents. We offer a number of services in this sector, including culling and trapping. We are also keen to offer advice to home owners on how to reduce the possibility of further encroachment by other foxes moving into the locale.


In recent years, we have seen a dramatic rise in the number of urban foxes, and this is a phenomenon that is showing little sign of any slowdown. Home owners in towns and cities right across the south-east of England have had to deal with a number of difficult issues; thankfully here at DCM Pest Control we have the experience and knowledge to deal expertly and efficiently with all of them. When they need effective fox control in Sussex home owners know who to call upon.

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Foxes Carry Lungworm!

Lungworm is a nasty parasite which is passed from foxes to both cats and dogs and is often fatal.

Foxes will also have mange and fleas which are easily transmitted to domestic animals.

damage caused by a fox
  • Excessive noise at night
  • Attacks on domestic pets
  • Strong-smelling urine & faeces
  • Damage to fencing
  • Refuse problems
  • Spread of diseases

Agricultural Fox Control

Needless to say, the rural fox represents a number of potential issues for home owners and farmers in Sussex, so it’s important to obtain the type of fox control Sussex can trust. This is particularly important during the lambing season, and for any holding which is home to large chicken populations.

fox control in sussex


The urban fox has adapted well to life in more urban areas. It often chooses different food sources from its rural cousin, and of course in the towns and cities there are plenty of effective hiding places in which it can keep away from predators and inquisitive humans. City life suits the fox well, so it comes as no surprise to know that home owners are keen to control Sussex fox populations.

We provide key advice to our clients in regard to prevent more issues. Once a local fox has been removed from the neighbourhood, other foxes will want to move into the territory. We can help home owners by advising on how to cut back on potential food sources, and by offering information on new, fox-proof fencing.

Happy Customers

A fox decided to set up home under the shed. It was causing us huge problems as it was scavenging for food from our bins! (Mr Lance – Sussex)