Cluster Fly Removal In Sussex

Cluster flies are unwelcome visitors to all homes and businesses in Sussex, so if you’ve recently become a victim you need fast, effective help from the experts. Here at DCM Pest Control, our in-depth knowledge and our comprehensive experience bring you the solutions you need.

Getting rid of cluster flies can often be more complex than you might think, but with our specialists on your side you can soon achieve success. While these insects aren’t actually dangerous to humans, they have proved to be a major irritation for many of our domestic and commercial clients.


How Did I Get Cluster Flies?

In the majority of cases, cluster flies find access into homes and business premises in the late summer months. While they are perfectly content to live outside in the warm season, they seek refuge at a later date in order to survive the colder weather.

They need only small openings to get inside, of course, and in many residences they prefer the warmth and safety of attics, cavity walls and roof spaces.

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Cluster Fly Pest Control

Removing cluster flies in an effective manner requires knowledge, tenacity and an understanding of how and where they live. Experts from DCM Pest Control will know where to look and how to treat the infestation. In many cases, the best treatment will involve a targeted fumigation process, and this should be carried out by trained specialists.

A fogger will release chemicals in the area which will get rid of cluster flies in no time. These insects release a pheromone that is designed to attract other flies to the vicinity, but using a fogging system will also eliminate any chance of more flies arriving. Great care is needed when using such a method, in order to avoid harm to people and pets.

Unlike many other insects, cluster flies don’t build nest structures in which to live, even though they frequently gather together in large numbers. They tend to congregate in small holes in roof joists, floor coverings and mortar cavities, and because of this it’s often difficult to gain access to them. For this reason, spraying the area with specialist chemicals is often the best method.

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Specialist Cluster Fly Control Across Sussex

Cluster flies will congregate in warmer areas around the home, often in lofts. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t lay eggs on food and they’re not drawn to food waste in order to find sustenance. Cluster flies lay their eggs in earthworms in the garden and surrounding countryside before entering houses and business locations throughout Sussex.

Many buildings will play host to large numbers of cluster flies without the owners being aware, but once they find out they are generally keen to do whatever is necessary to get rid of cluster flies at the earliest possible opportunity. If you see a number of these insects congregating around window frames, the chances are you have an infestation.

The most effective way to control cluster flies in Sussex will depend on the individual circumstances of each infestation. Here at DCM Pest Control, we use tried and tested techniques combined with the very latest technology to help both commercial and domestic clients to get rid of cluster flies. Whether we choose to fumigate, fog or smoke the area, you can be sure of a fly-free environment afterwards.

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