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DCM Pest Control have the experience, the knowledge and the discretion required to deal with bird problems in all locations, from the smallest home environments to the largest business premises. Whether you’re having issues with a small group of gulls or a sizable infestation of pigeons, one call to our experts is all you need.

Which Bird Solutions Are Right For Your Home or Business?

The ideal method for your bird control problem will depend on the individual circumstances. It may be that shooting will be deemed inappropriate, for example, or that netting can only be implemented after a clean-up. Our Sussex bird control specialists have all the experience and knowledge you will need, and we can advise on how best to deal with your particular bird issues.

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Bird Control Services

  • Bird Spikes
  • Bird Netting
  • Electric Bird Deterrents
  • Trapping
  • Shooting
  • Guano Cleaning
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Effective Bird Pest Control

There are a number of effective methods which can be used to get rid of birds, and our experts can help to ascertain which would be most suitable for each individual case.

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We Provide A Wide Range Of Bird Proofing And Control Systems

The installation of bird spiking is one of the easiest and most humane methods of preventing damage from birds. The spikes are placed in strategic locations such as on shop-fronts, above signage and on ledges, where they minimise the ability of birds to land and to begin roosting. Strips of spikes are available in a variety of sizes and spike angles, designed to offer various options to the home and business owner.

Bird netting provides an effective way to prevent birds landing and roosting on various property types. It’s particularly useful for buildings with flat roofs, as well as for roofs which are difficult to gain access to. The netting can be utilised on areas of all shapes and sizes, and it discourages birds without harming them. Warehouses, sporting venues and petrol station canopies are just some of the locations which can benefit from the application of netting.

Using ultrasound, electrical bird scarers emit a high-pitched sound that affects the local bird population, and discourages them from landing on ledges. The noise that’s produced is usually inaudible to the human ear, but it has an immediate effect on birds, making it the ideal solution for many locations. It should be noted that such devices can’t be used near to bat populations, because of their ability to disturb these legally-protected creatures.

Shooting birds is a highly effective method, especially for large-scale infestations which require immediate action. While reducing the size of the infestation in no time, it should be noted that discretion is required in order to avoid upsetting neighbours and employees. The shooting needs to be fast, targeted and arranged at a time that suits the client. Needless to say, the area needs to be discreetly cleaned up immediately afterwards.

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Specialist Guano Cleaning

Bird droppings can, if left undisturbed, build up quickly over a period of time, and the damage they can cause will often be difficult and expensive to deal with. Guano is highly acidic, and can severely compromise the strength of rooftops, guttering, ventilation systems and building facades.

The faeces can cause psittacosis and even salmonella in humans, so their removal needs to be carried out by trained professionals using appropriate safety methods, including protective clothing and respiratory equipment. In extreme cases, the sheer weight of bird droppings can cause roofs to collapse completely.

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Our office was home to hundreds of birds fouling everywhere. DCM installed a deterrent and the birds have gone! (Chris Weaver – West Sussex)