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Here at DCM Pest Control, we use our knowledge and experience to deal with bed bug problems in all locations, from domestic environments to commercial organisations. Whether you’ve only just noticed a bed bug or you’ve been having issues for some time, a call to our Sussex bed bug removal experts is all you need.

There are a number of ways to cope with the presence of bed bugs, one of which will undoubtedly be perfect for your individual needs. You need a solution that’s powerful, fast and effective, and our specialists will be able to advise you on the best way to get rid of bed bugs.

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How Did I Get Bed Bugs?

There are a number of ways of inadvertently bringing bed bugs into the home. They include the purchase of second-hand clothing that hasn’t been washed thoroughly, buying used furniture and even second-hand books.

Visitors to the home can bring bed bugs in with them without even knowing. If you have stayed in a hotel with an infestation you can bring them home with you afterwards.


Common Signs Of A Bed Bug Problem

Signs of a bed bug infestation include the presence of droppings, which are small and either brown or black in colour. Bite marks can appear on the skin, and it’s possible to see discarded shells and exoskeletons on or near the bed. As soon as you know you have an infestation, you need to speak to pest control experts at the earliest opportunity.

Unfortunately, bed bugs find sustenance from the blood of humans, and they come out at night to feed on whoever is sleeping in the locale. While not overly dangerous, the bites can be irritating to the touch and unpleasant to the eye. It’s thought that many people, perhaps as much as 70%, don’t react to bites.

Given the fact that many people don’t suffer a reaction to being bitten, you need to see other indicators of a bed bug infestation. In many cases, there will be small blood stains on the bedding itself, as a result of bites caused by bed bugs. There could also be stains on nightwear, and in some cases you may see small smears, which are faecal matter produced by the insects.

If you notice small swellings on the body in the mornings, the chances are you have been bitten by bed bugs. These swellings will often be red in colour and may become extremely itchy. In some people, they can become inflamed and rather painful, and may require medical treatment at some point. Bed bugs need to feed regularly, so they need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

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How We Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Often the most effective way to remove bed bugs in Sussex is the use of heat treatments. They are fast, cost effective and very thorough. Some treatments target bugs at a specific time in their life cycle, but using heat will eradicate all bed bugs with ease. Using a localised heat source will ensure the treatment is carried out discreetly, a major boon for owners of commercial properties.

Using an insecticide treatment to eradicate bed bug populations can be extremely effective in both domestic homes and commercial premises. A variety of chemicals can be used, but the application needs to be extremely thorough, because bed bugs will often be found in tiny crevices during the hours of daylight. Follow-up visits need to be conducted to ensure success of the operation.

In order to ensure the success of the operation, the owner of the property will need to carry out a number of tasks before treatment begins. First and foremost, domestic pets should be removed from the property altogether. Bedding and clothing need to be removed and washed thoroughly in a hot water cycle, and items which are stored under the bed need to be taken out of the room and cleaned.

The room that is awaiting treatment needs to be hoovered, and furniture items should be repositioned so exterminators can have access to skirting boards, an area which often provides homes for bed bugs. If it’s possible to hoover both sides of the mattress, so much the better. Finally, when the treatment begins it would be a good idea to avoid the area altogether in order to avoid contact with fumes.

It’s vital for home and business owners to have peace of mind once an infestation has been dealt with, and that’s why our bed bug control specialists can help to prevent further re-infestations from occurring. A return visit from an expert can quickly provide confirmation that the bed bugs are now a thing of the past, and can advise owners on what to look for in the future.

Bed bugs can make return visits after treatment, so it’s important to conduct post-treatment monitoring at a future date. Experienced specialists will know where and how to look for them, and how best to deal with further problems. Getting rid of bed bugs can be a complex process, but with experts on your side your problems can soon disappear.

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We returned from travelling to find we had bed bugs in two bed rooms. Both rooms were treated and the problem has gone. (Mick Prichard – Sussex)